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The Anarchist in all of us

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

It seems articles by Dale Everett are just getting better and better every time! Here’s a great new one called The Anarchist in All of Us and here are some brilliant quotes:

“But do you have faith in the system that selects our leaders? Do you vote hoping you can gather enough on your side to overpower your opponent? Do you start playing that violent game, knowing all the rules in advance, and then complain when you lose?”

“People break laws all the time. We break them without even knowing because there are millions of words of laws on the books and we can’t possibly know them all. Have you ever secretly broken a law because you knew you weren’t harming anyone? Do you then publicly proclaim that we must comply with the law until we work through the system to have it changed? We all have our varying ideas of acceptable boundaries for the roles of governments. Some are guided by ancient documents; others by heart-felt principles of individual sovereignty. There is the appearance of lines in the sand and yet we remain complicit when our lines are repeatedly crossed. How serious of a transgression would it take before people insist that a certain law should be disobeyed immediately?”

Yep. And someone tells me laws are derived from reasoning.. Sure, but whose reasoning? Whose reasoning is it that should be accepted as universally correct and why?

No, keep that reasoning for yourself and your own life and let me reason for my own. Is that so much to ask?

No it’s not. And if you disagree all you can is pull up a gun against me, ultimately, really.. coercion. That’s the only weapon you have against free individuals. And it’s lame, pathetic and silly. If that’s your argument “oooh we must force people to be GOOD for the common GOOD by my definition of GOOD cause I’m GOOD”, you can literally shove it up your ass.. and pull the trigger, alright?

Cheerio statists. The beginning of your end has passed.

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If only we were joking

Friday, February 27th, 2009

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My advice to those kids would be to resist. They don’t have to pay. If I were a parent I’d comfort them with the idea that we will find a way to resist. Nobody will pay any of THEIR debt. Taxes are theft. Gun is in the room. One should defend self from the thiefs not justify their actions and give in.

Besides, speaking of federal government it probably wont exist by the time these kids are adults. An increasing secessionist activity in USA is already testifying to that. About 8 states have “secession friendly” resolution.

The world is changing. This crisis is a free market finally reacting to the decades of delusion and resulting unsound economic practices. This crisis marks the biggest shift in centuries. Bail outs and stimulus packages are only gonna make this fall more profound. It may get worse before it gets better as certain governments let out a dieing scream and trashing, but then it can get better.

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Think twice before you endorse violence

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Before I go to sleep, here is something to ponder:

So in short, if you would say to me that government must be there to provide ANYTHING you will essentially be saying that you want to force me, by the threat of incarceration or death or any other kind of violence, to buy the service that you want.

At this point any statement which calls in the need for government to do something is equally disgusting to me as a statement like “I would like to rape you or hire someone to rape you every day”.

Now think about that before you go on to march for your pet “cause” like “free government healthcare for all” or “net neutrality legislation” or “proprietary software should be illegal” (yes, that’s for you Richard Stallman).

Statists disgust me.

Good night

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I took the red pill.

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I was owned, stripped like a slave without even realizing it. Not anymore. I am not anybody’s property.

Statism is dead. I killed it. Did you?

Watch this and then tell me.

Are you awake now?

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Do you support thieves and murderers?

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

You’ll probably say “of course not”, but I will dare to question you on that. Please, do give it some thought before you throw up a default response, will you?

Go and read this article and then tell me your answer: The Demise of Conscience.

I for one don’t support theft and murder and I am threatened by violence because of that, by a democratic government no less. The threat is ongoing and one I have to deal with and will have to deal with in the future. People who actually have a conscience really are unpopular in this day and age.

Which makes me utterly despise all those “intellectual” apologists for theft and murder. These hypocrits walk around freely preaching about freedom while defending the grossest kinds of its violation in existence.

All those people, professing to be in a movement for freedom, including the free software movement, should really rethink what they’re doing, this supposed exercise of higher morality while at the same time pissing right all over it.

No movement and no advocacy by those who believe it is OK to kill and steal is to be taken seriously. And I wont. No movement and no advocacy trumps one for most fundamental human liberties.

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I can do anything.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

For a second day in a row I feel “all-powerful”. It is the effect of reading that book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, which I mentioned earlier, and beating on the ideas I discovered there by following through the “Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich” by Brian Kim. It is easy for me to just say that I feel like I can do anything or that it is possible for you to feel like you can do anything, but it is a feeling and thus escapes words.

You have to read the book and if you don’t understand, try the Hidden Secret book I mentioned as well, since it clarifies a lot of the core ideas in “Think and Grow Rich”. The book is so deep and so profound that it is hard to just classify it as a “success” book or let alone “how to get rich” book. The ideas it presents are like a recipe for succesful happy living not just in a material, but even in a spiritual sense, but WITHOUT what is commonly know as religion, yet also WITHOUT contradicting those who do believe in some religion.

It is therefore entirely universal and universally applicable. To give you just a peak into how powerful it is, I will say that the book made me actually believe in the possibility of humans having telepathic abilities, in the legitimacy of prayer that involves no gods and in the power of thought as more than mere imagination – as a creative power which can truly be transformed into real matter. I think and therefore I am. I think and therefore I create. I think and therefore I make reality around me bow to my desire, my burning desire.

I would say that the ideas presented form more than a religion, because it spans religions, being more fundamental, more open ended and more logical and scientific.

I can do anything I set my mind to. I can because now I know I can, because I know how is it that I can set my mind to something, because I know more about thinking, feeling, imagining. I can almost understand fully what is meant by this verse from the bible:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Word. What is it but an outcome of an idea, a thought? What bible further describes is that it is with his word that god created everything. Indeed. Perhaps it may come as a surprise to some to realize, however, that you too can create with words. But it is not enough to just spell out “create me a second moon orbiting Earth”.

You first have to have a genuine burning desire for something, not just a shallow “wish”. Then you have to have absolute and utter confidence, that is faith in your ability to realize what you desire, then decide that you WILL indeed realize it just as you decide to go and get something to eat and then without thinking and doubting your ability to eat, just do it. You have to write your desire in words where you can read them in order to inject yourself with the same kind of exactness and feeling you had when you first uttered the words. You’re essentially renewing your vow with yourself and your power to do it.

The subsequent steps will come naturally – the creation of a plan of action, of how to achieve it, the total persistence even through so called (by others) “failures” (failure doesn’t exist, it’s merely a piece of information that helps you succeed). In the end you WILL create what you desired.

So you might say this is an ardous process and how can I possibly compare that with the instantaneous creation by word of god. But bible doesn’t quite specify that he created everything instantaneously. Maybe it was indeed an ardous process, or maybe he could do all of the above in a fraction of the time we need because he was of such an advanced species. Or maybe christians are just taking the verses too literally.

Napoleon Hill talks about something he terms “Infinite Intelligence” which is essentially a common pool of all intelligence in the universe, I presume. Because right down to it thoughs are actually nothing more than streams of energy and the whole universe is consisted of nothing but space, time, matter and energy. Energy is the one which uses matter and time to create. If thoughts are energy you can see how thoughts can create. And you might also begin to see the logic behind the proposition of “infinite intelligence”. If thoughts are energy and energy is everywhere then our thoughts are essentially binded to the thoughts of all other thinking beings on this planet, but also of thoughts of all other thinking beings in the universe.

We’re just not as evolved mentally to practice the ability of receiving from this stream of thought, but such thing has and does happen. Napoleon Hill calls such things as “hunches” and flashes of incredibly brilliant creative ideas as possibly having come from this “infinite intelligence”. Incidentally, such hunches and flashes come when the mind is in a rather peculiar state (extremely active, energized by special emotional mixtures etc.) which suggests that in those states the mind actually “switches on” the receptor of information from the inifinite intelligence or “tunes in”.

Perhaps it is this “infinite intelligence” that people call “god”, but obviously being still under-evolved and therefore unable to understand it they personify it and they treat such great men, great thinkers indeed, who managed to evolve to a point of using this power (Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha etc.) as prophets and emmisaries of “god”.

Yet they may simply be humans who have come to learn how to use their minds better than anyone else, and “tune in” to the universal streams of thought. It’s a darn intriguing thought! :D

I wont say I fully believe all this. At this point I merely take it as a plausible theory. I know one thing however, one thing Napoleon Hill managed to convinced me pretty strongly off – thoughts are much much much more powerful than most people believe. We might just have seemingly “godly” power beneath our skulls, yet just seldom learn how to use it.

So you can imagine the thrill I feel as I am discovering all this. I feel like I’m beginning to revive this incredibly powerful tool beneath my skull, like the energy is building up, the fire is starting to burn and my personal power rises.

It feels so good that I could scream of happiness.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

–> In the beginning there is a thought, and the thought is from infinite intelligence, and the thought IS a part of infinite intelligence.

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I destroy stereotypes

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

I am a geek. I am a party guy. I am a thinker. I am an entrepreneur. So where do you want to categorize me? Those of you who like to keep things nicely pigeon holed and stereotyped.

You can’t. I am a geek yet I am not a nerd who doesn’t know how to have a good time. I am a geek yet I am also a music producer and a fan of trance music, the party music. I am a geek yet I don’t wear any freaking glasses! I am a thinker yet I don’t have a god damn sweeper in my ass. I am a serious guy yet I don’t make everyone depressed by my presence.

And at this night out I had both a philosophical discussion session, getting drunk session and a dancing session, all in one night. Impossible? Apparently not.

So stereotypes and categories be damned. I am I. I am unique. I am an individual. I destroy stereotypes. I destroy myths. I destroy conformism. I am the one, among the few, that are many, who are the individualist revolution.

Thank you.

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