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Culture of Rebellion

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I have a feeling that the young generations of today and rebellion go hand in hand. Some would say that it is in the nature of teen age to rebel, but judging from what I hear from my own parents, a story which may be confirmed by many other parents, is that even if they did want to rebel, the voice of obedience was often much stronger. Their own parents must’ve been much more intimidating. :P

Today, in the age in which rebellions thumping sounds are what we call mainstream music, from hip hop to trance and techno, it looks like the young generation is winning. Only a couple of decades ago this kind of music was frowned upon as mind washing, overly seductive and drug use inducing and people have and probably still are literally forbidding their kinds to listen to it, let alone go to one of those huge parties

Yet the number of these parties and the number of attendants seems to be growing! The once considered “hard” electronic music is becoming mainstream. This music very often invokes feelings of self power and thereby rebellion to anyone who says you can’t do what you really want.

There is only one problem. People who love this kind of music, and despite criticism from their elderly go to these parties, often go only to get themselves “wasted” or to “have a good time” or even to find a (sex) partner…

It could be more, however, if the mentality of rebellion is brought a step further. I could say that the rebels have the music, but still lack the determination and a target. The electronic music culture seems a little like the anti-globalist movement, but with a twist. They both love to make lots of noise wherever they go. They both come in great numbers and they both have a sense of rebellion in them. It’s just that anti-globalists, when they come to one of their “parties”, that is, protests, shout and scream and wave signs and flags and even sometimes do material damage in their agitation towards the perceived enemy, the target, the powers that be, like the G8 group or the Bilderbergs.

Their problem? What the hell is their solution? They have the target alright, but they seldom offer anything they fight FOR. Like, who would they replace the G8, the Bilderbergs and the worlds corrupt governments with??

The electronic music culture of rebellion is similar. They’ve got that kick (pun not intended), but it’s not channeled towards anything but “wasting” themselves. Many on those sensational trance parties talk about “energy”, “love” and “connectedness”, but where do they channel these things? Maybe this energy could be channeled towards a particular shared goal? Maybe the electronic music culture of rebellion needs to define a target and a goal of its own. We feel rebellious, but who are we rebelling against and what are we FOR?

Bottom line is, I’m essentially advocating a merger between what is essentially entertainment and activism. Both have enormous power within them. Entertainment, like electronic music in this instance, can get people incredibly energized, fired up and excited. Activism needs exactly these elements to fuel its campaign for a particular cause. Merging the two is an explosion waiting to be detonated.

I will, in fact, probably be working on this sort of thing. My last post was incredibly vague and impulsive, but it does have something to do with what I am talking about here. ;)

The culture of rebellion will be powered up. Ingredients are there. We just need to mix them up.

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Entrancement Tech playlist

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Well it’s a weekend, and while I do spend some weekends working on the main stream of my work, AKA my job, I sometimes take time for one of my “hobbies” if you can call it that. :P I have lots of interest so sometimes I just feel I need an outlet for those which I am not mainly involved with – like music.

So.. aside from exploring some games on GNU/Linux today, and getting bored after a little while, I went to songza to play some music and then somehow ended up doing the same thing on youtube, when an interesting idea hit me. Why not create a playlist of all these incredible trance tracks I love to listen? So I did… and I felt good about it so I even made it into a subpage on Behold the Entrancement Tech as I called this playlist. :)

The name seems fairly unique judging from a brief google search so I might even stick to it as some sort of a brand for some of my future music involvements. Who knows what I’ll be doing next after and are back in shape. Aside from promoting voluntaryism, music is pretty high up there. One of the long planned Libervis projects is all about music. But I wont talk about it more yet..

Anyway, the name “Entrancement Tech” has a meaning to me. I see electronic music as literally an expression of feelings through technology, because pretty high tech devices (well.. computers usually) are used to make all those cool tracks. But most of all I feel like trance really pushes this aspect to the limits. It is incredibly emotional and energetic and at the same time incredibly smooth and technological.

For me listening to trance is like listening the high tech machines crying and singing, except it’s just me, in love with technology and what it makes possible – celebrating it by listening and jumping (yea.. literally, when I go to a party like… this one (yep I was there!) ).

So.. to those who share my love for this sort of culture. Enjoy the entrancement. :D

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Songza, a search engine for all music!

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Gotta love it! Digital technology is inspiring tremendous amount of innovation and it shows no signs of stopping. Hardware is becoming cheaper as its power grows exponentially. This in turns allows rapid expansion of broadband speeds and access and growing number of multimedia resources and uses on the internet. Today you literally do not need to download and store your music before listening to it. Instead you tune in to one of the hundreds of internet radio stations playing more music and less commercials than most traditional radio stations.

Or you go to a web site like, type in the artist or song name and click. It will stream right away. No registrations and no payments required, yet just about all songs you can imagine seem to be available. You can even do playlists and rate the song quality as good or bad in order to help make those of good quality rank higher in their search results. Beneath the hood it actually seems to be searching the web for all music files which are streamable, regardless of whether they are part of some video on youtube and other video sites or is uploaded by someone on a public space.

It probably isn’t even too vulnerable to the lawsuits by the music industry considering that it doesn’t actually provide songs for download and doesn’t really facilitate illegal music sharing as much as it merely, like Google and Yahoo, indexes what’s available out there. So if Songza is to be sued for doing that, Google too should be sued for indexing whatever “illegal” material is out there.

So in short, I love it!

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Slip Stream and Pulsewaves

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

No I’m not gonna talk about exotic physics or science fiction. :P This is about two old, but newly released Cosmicall tracks being made available on for your listening pleasure. :)

Slip Stream


Both are trance tracks. Pulsewaves especially is of good quality and had received most favorable reviews on Soundclick where it was originally available and my personal judgment by myself and from feedback received from others might put this one quality-wise at the top of my production, so it might be a significant release.

Slip Stream is probably the most energetic track I’ve released and this is the first time it is available online. It’s production quality isn’t that high as it misses good mastering, but otherwise it’s pretty modern trance, IMHO, but you be the judge.

In any case, feel free to enjoy, download, broadcast, remix and do whatever you want as long as you keep the credit (Cosmicall) and share under same terms. The terms are Attribution-ShareAlike.


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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

One of the first domain names I owned is and it was moved to my virtual private server quite a while ago with the purpose of hosting a site for my existing and potential new music productions. Well, a day finally came for that to happen as well. It was not a big job and I just had to get around to doing it, but I feel quite satisfied with the result so far. is actually just one of the little mini-sites that I am planning to launch in the coming weeks/months. The reason why I didn’t dive into the larger work of revising and as planned is because the Gamefest is still on my neck and I don’t feel ready to commit to any such larger undertakings with confidence in finishing it off swiftly and efficiently, so I am keeping the status quo for the moment while trying to get the gamefest to the end and maintaining the routine works plus some additional little undertakings like, and one which I should really be doing tomorrow, writing an article for the Linux+ magazine.

Anyway, is a simple, but hopefully cool looking page which offers free downloads of some of my older music tracks under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. I plan on adding OGG versions for download as well. It is possible that I might in the future add some music from my old music partner, Dalibor Arizanovic, once I get a hold of him and perhaps ask for permission (including licensing it under such an open license). It is also possible that I will at some point, perhaps when Free Software for it becomes better, make some completely new tracks and also offer them for download there.

Aside from that, any other updates may be minor, like adding some useful links to my old music profiles on the web. Also, if anyone has any ideas about doing something more significant with this mini site feel free to say. :)

Oh and btw, I do consider a part of Libervis Network. It will not be linked from the network bar, but that will be redesigned anyway. Not too long from now I should be updating when I will add a map of the whole Libervis Network. Counting these small sites, and some planned projects for which domains already exist you’ll see Libervis Network is truly becoming more than just and ;)


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Sensation White

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

If you believe there is no God that we know off how do you explain magic? For magic happens.

My explanation: it just happens or..

We create it. We create magic.

Technology of humans today, enhancing their abilities and overall power will appear godly to humans who lived hundreds or thousands years ago. And an event of all human emotion channelled through our magical technology into a show of sound and light that leaves even us beyond belief, will bring them on their niece.

Sensation White is an example of such an event. Witness the power of 2007/8 Humans in all its glory:

Sensation WhiteThe most amazing home videos are here
Sensation White 2007 TrailerThe most amazing home videos are here
Yet, all of this is, indeed, happening in a small hall of a pale blue dot. If so much magic can be found on a place so insignificant to the universe at large, imagine how much more can we find out there.We are so powerful to our past and current self, and we can use this power to destroy or to build. We can share our positive emotions as part of a fest that connects us all for a time into an inpenetrable network of shared sensation or we can direct our emotions into deadly hatred for our differences.The choice is yours. I know mine.

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