I am a voluntaryist, atheist, technology enthusiast, Linux user, internet entrepreneur, free thinker and a bit of a dreamer. If there’s anything that describes the gist of my deepest interests it is the envisioning of a world where super advanced technology conspires with advanced social philosophy to create a paradise of evolved sentience.

In such a world each individual is free to prosper, bound only by the same liberty of another. Each individual is extraordinary and special. There is no such meme as the “average joe”. There are no mass superstitions keeping people in self contradiction. There are no coercive organizations such as governments ruling people’s lives by force and fraud, enforcing conformity and uniformity. There is thus no war and violence, only free individuals pursuing their highest values through a pure free market.

In such a future we colonize other planets, build spacesteads and vie for an ever expanding understanding of everything we encounter while living as long as we desire. In such a future I can possess my own space shuttle and an apartment on a spacestead I may have helped build, and wouldn’t even be considered “super rich” for it.

I remain aware that this sounds like an utopia, even wishful thinking, but I prefer to call it a personal vision and keep it as means of inspiring and motivating my work. My goal isn’t to achieve the above soon or even in my life time. It is merely to get as close to it as possible. If I can get a lot of people to share this vision and if I successfully help make radical ideas necessary to accomplish it more palatable and acceptable to more people and if in the process of doing that I manage to make a decent living for myself, I’ll call it a great success.

While not all of my projects have a direct correlation to these kinds of pursuits, given that some of these ideas are a hard sell, whatever success I do have in anything I do I wish to divert it to the pursuit of the above.