Think twice before you endorse violence

Before I go to sleep, here is something to ponder:

So in short, if you would say to me that government must be there to provide ANYTHING you will essentially be saying that you want to force me, by the threat of incarceration or death or any other kind of violence, to buy the service that you want.

At this point any statement which calls in the need for government to do something is equally disgusting to me as a statement like “I would like to rape you or hire someone to rape you every day”.

Now think about that before you go on to march for your pet “cause” like “free government healthcare for all” or “net neutrality legislation” or “proprietary software should be illegal” (yes, that’s for you Richard Stallman).

Statists disgust me.

Good night

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  • Jorg

    However, it could be argued that without the government, someone will be likely to be raping someone else, or hiring someone to do so on a regular basis.

  • Kevin Dean

    Jorg, do you not see a problem in hiring someone who WILL violate your rights and freedoms to protect against someone who MIGHT do the same?

    You hold a common misconception, one that I used to hold myself. Government doesn't prevent "wrongs" as a lot of people might think, it reacts to them. Police respond to crimes, not prevent them.

    All of the doomsday scenarios think about a stateless world are moot. What's going to happen? Is a single group of people, or a small cadre of groups, going to run around enslaving people, looting from them and hurting them? How is that not the case today, while people calling themselves "government" do the same things?

    With things like net neutrality, we're simply demanding that people not hold us hostage by involving the government. I have an internet provider who feels it would be a BAD business decision to teir their service. Other customers have different needs and might like an internet where more common sites have increased speeds. All we're asking is to be free to make this choice OURSELVES – nobody knows what's best for you other than YOU.

  • admin

    Jorg, Kevin nailed it. Government already does it on a regular basis, and it does it pompously and in the name of some "common good" (which is impossible to understand considering that they're doing it to everyone at the same time).

    I would think stopping believing and supporting the monopolist raper would be the prudent thing to do if you're concerned about not being raped on a regular basis, not portraying it as the savior.


  • Fingolfin

    Great post, great blog and I hope to see you around the interpipes some time. Totally subscribed!

  • admin

    Thank you, I'll certainly be around. :)

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