Flash of light in the sky

Just after 5 AM today I saw a flash of light in the nightsky when I looked through the window of my room. It looked like a pretty light star suddenly appeared and disappeared in a matter of a second.

I immediately thought it to be notable because, even as someone who likes to observe meteorites, I don’t quite remember seeing this. It’s just a flash of light, but every time I see a flash of light in the night sky it is either an airplane (multiple recurring flashes and usually quite obvious), iridium flares (which last more than this flash lasted, which was practically a blink of an eye) or meteorites which leave a trail and also last longer.

And I don’t recall myself being prone to hallucination either. I saw it!

So it seems anomalous. I should scour the astronomy related sites later to see if maybe I saw something others have noticed. Perhaps I witnessed a distant supernova explosion? :) That’d be cool.

In any case I love seeing something unusual in the sky, for some reason, even if it is a mere anomalous flash of light. It makes the universe feel more real and exciting, as it should.

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  • http://easylfs.nuxified.com/ Dennis Wronka

    Maybe this little chunk of interstellar rubble? -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_TC3

  • Geoseek

    I was look9ng up at 5.03 am oct 11 and saw the same thing i looked on the internet to see if anyone saw this and found you, so being 5 days apart id be curious to find out what part of the sky you were looking at.

  • admin

    Sorry Dennis for not bringing your post out of the spam filter earlier. I've been working a lot more on a new project and haven't been checking the blog as much.

    But what you linked could be it except the timing is a little off. I wrote the above a little after I saw it and it was October 6, and the wikipedia page says October 7. Maybe it's an error on wikipedia as here they posted about it on October 6: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/20

    Gonna look for more info later. Maybe it is a meteorite after all, but falling directly into view so it looked like a flash instead of a trail..

  • Brian and Natalie

    Next time you see this Flashing white light, I'd like you to try the following, Get a High Powered Flashlight, and flash it at the object in question. See what happens. Natalie and I stayed up one night till the wee hours of the morning and you wouldn't beleive me if I told you what came out of the sky. Get back to me please at: cdntrucker46@hotmail.com

  • Roehl

    Hi guys, the reason Im writing this comment is because tonight I saw exactly the same bright flash in the sky! I live in the western part of Sydney Australia and as I went outside to throw the garbage I looked at the sky and noticed it was a clear sky with no clouds at all when suddenly I saw this flash that resembled a camera flash. Then I flashed again but this time it was from a different distance! Curious, I just stared at the sky just to see where it would occur again and it did but this time it was in the opposite area now where I first saw it! So this wasnt a plane coz it wouldnt be able to travel in two opposite directions in seconds! I wonder what we are seeing here???

  • buck

    it has to be camera flashesm i see them several nights and it flashes just like a camera

  • Bambi75

    I realise the original post was some years ago but I have for the second time in 2 weeks witnessed this flash of light.
    I live in Port Lincoln on the South Australian Coast, right on Boston Bay. The first time I saw this was about 10 days ago. Was on my phone checking out Facebook about 1.30am when a flash of Amber light caught my attention. At first I thought it was something in my house that had caused a reflective flash in my large 20 foot window, but there was nothing. (It resembled a camera flash. )I went out on to my balcony to investigate, again there was nothing, no noise no more flashes.
    Tonight my son and I were watching TV around 9.30pm again the same flash happened again. My son saw it this time “did you see that”. Again it was like a camera flash and again there was no explanation. My house overlooks the bay to an island the light was in mid sky between the island and my house.

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