As one inhabitant of Planet Earth to another

I’ve said it before, but let’s make if “official”.

I hereby declare my sovereignty from all governments, all nations and all laws. I am not a croatian. I am not european.

I am an inhabitant of the Planet Earth and this is its flag.

Mind you I can make my own flag if I want to. I can stand by multiple flags of my own making or my own choosing, but none of the national ones. None!

I wont even call myself a “citizen” because that might imply someone has to grant me “citizenship”. I live on Earth so I am an inhabitant, nothing more, nothing less. You could say that I live in Croatia and am therefore an inhabitant of croatia, but I’ll take that as meaning that you call this general area to be “croatia”, but borders don’t matter.

Do I have the right to make these kinds of proclamations? Well, do I own myself? Yes. If you believe otherwise, prove it!

Thank you.

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  • Bob Robertson

    Yesterday I found myself at a baseball game.

    I remained seated through the "national anthem", because like you I object to being "nationalized".

    It was nice that no one noticed, or cared if they did.

    Self ownership is embodied in the right to say "No!"

  • admin

    Indeed! That's very cool. I also wasn't aware most of this day that today is croatian "Statehood Day" (… ). My sister reminded me of it in the evening. :D


  • Thomas Holbrook II

    I understand where you're coming from. In a future blog post, I will explain my own philosophy (and how it is subject to change with time and availability of new information).

  • Thomas Holbrook II

    Check it out…

    Let's keep the discussion going.

  • admin

    Hi Thomas, thanks for posting it. I've written a response on your blog.


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