But wait, what if green cars could have been mass driven already?!?

Some might immediately write this off as “Danijel again buying into a conspiracy theory”, but please for Earth’s sake bear with me!

I’ve been thinking a bit, impressed by what I’m seeing about electric and air cars. Take specifically electric cars. We all know about the existence of electro-motors as we use them everywhere. My heater is spinning one right now as I am typing. They run on pure electricity. Creating a car based on that same exact concept is old news! Electric cars are hence OLD NEWS! In fact you can already see various specialized electric vehicles in various places. Just think of golf cars or those heavy lifting vehicles.

What about the green aspect? Well, once you have an electric car you don’t emit anything bad into the atmosphere – that’s for granted. About getting the electricity to power it, which some may argue still has to come from something and that something may involve burning something dirty like oil, coal etc., I think there are plenty of ways already available or being thought off and developed which greatly minimize reliance on grid electricity. In fact, my logic tells me that you would almost never have to plug your car to the grid at home. How?

It’s beyond simple: it has two batteries, while one is being spent the alternators on spinning wheels are charging another one and then vice versa. Add solar panels to your car and you can help make this process even more reliable, by using solar generated energy to speed up charging.

Effectively, the electric car can mostly run itself, no extra electricity needed. This is what I call 100% environmentally friendly.

Full stop. Tesla Motors is supposed to be making these cars already, and the concept of them and them themselves have been around for ages. A logical question quickly rears its ugly head: Why isn’t everyone driving them?

I mean, seriously, ask yourself this honest question. If they are fast, no more expensive (why would they be anyway), cool looking (just look at Tesla Motors), basically have EVERYTHING you would expect from a normal dirty oil powered car with an added bonus of being 100% clean and almost totally silent – what the hell is stopping it from spreading all over the world like wild fire???

Well, this little video hints at an answer..

And now I have to let go a virtual cry out, a scream, an angry hiss – anger which can’t be expressed enough, an emotion that is backed by the reason 100% – the most powerful emotion – one that is ready to call for an all out war.

For the thought of being stuck in this dirty, oil-drowned, sun burned world plagued by an environmental catastrophe and a pending unbearable economic pressure due to rising oil prices that may soon be capable of throwing an increasing number of people to the streets because they can’t afford the price surge that is continuously going on – because the big corporate cartels – the big oil powers have to keep their petty power and money – is BEYOND DISGUSTING, BEYOND TOLERANCE, BEYOND ALARMING! If it continues to go down this road – if they really have that power to cut down the anti-oil alternatives – then I my friends will condone an open war against them — not terrorism, but… A movement will be born, must be born, to bring those maniacs down to Earth.

This feels more important than even Free Software, and the enemy is orders of magnitude worse than Microsoft.

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  • http://inatie.wordpress.com Taco Buitenhuis

    The main problem with electric cars is the batteries. You don't want to have to recharge them every few km, so you want to put as much electric storage capacity in the car as possible… but batteries are heavy… more batteries – heavier car – needs even more – even heavier… The solution of course is to use lightweight batteries, but those are expensive.

    We should also consider the toxic waste from both production of batteries and worn down batteries.

    Useful solar cars are still far in the future, mostly because efficient enough solar cells don't exist yet. Have a look at the very best solar car in the world (it's Dutch!):
    It has a very expensive type of solar cells which is otherwise only used in space (and gallium arsenide sounds like something that is quite toxic to produce, too), yet even these are not by far good enough to make a useful car (by definition much heavier and with much worse aerodynamics than the nuna).

    So, solar cells on cars? Forget about that for now. Electric cars charged by solar outside the car? Possible, but quite expensive (in fact I suspect the batteries may make up most of the price even of the Tesla). Of course it doesn't matter how expensive they are if we simply outlaw fossil fuel :) .

    But is the price of batteries really relevant? I'm not sure whether a toxic, er, I mean electric car is less harmful than a traditional car. It's probably much better to make a super-efficient regular car (the fuel efficiency of the average car is laughable compared to what is possible (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmILE ) and let it run on biofuel produced in an area that is not suitable for growing food (probably http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algae_fuel )).

  • http://inatie.wordpress.com Taco Buitenhuis

    Hey, I did comment to this post, with lots of links too… What happened to that comment? Oh well, maybe I forgot to hit submit or something.

    The main points were that electric cars are quite expensive because of the batteries, useful solar cars are still technically impossible (even with extremely expensive space type solar cells you can't drive anything more practical than the Nuna ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuna ) (yes it is Dutch :) ) at a reasonable speed, and the waste and byproducts of batteries and high output solar cells are rather toxic.

    The real solution is biofuel, preferably grown in a place unsuitable for growing food, and regular solar cells not directly connected to the car (of course using compressed air instead of toxic batteries to store energy).

  • http://inatie.wordpress.com Taco Buitenhuis

    Okay, now that is weird, now both comments show up?

  • admin

    Sorry about that. Your comment was for some reason put into the moderation queue (possibly because of all the links).

    I didn't think about the toxicity of these batteries nor how they could add up to the overall price. Still they seem to me a lot better options than fossil fuel powered cars, at least if you don't have to be replacing batteries too often and they are light and the engine is efficient. I'm not sure how good exactly Tesla Motors cars are with respect to that, but it seems quite a few people were buying them.

    But if the story of some companies who were making such cars before pulling the plug because of pressure from big oil are true, and it unfortunately seems quite logical that it is, my outrage stands. If they are really doing this, then even biofuel and air cars aren't safe – no alternative will take over as long as the entrenched ones have and exercise the power to keep the off the market enough for oil cars to remain a norm.

    All things said, I think air cars, as you also seem to suggest, look like the best option so far.


  • http://inatie.wordpress.com Taco Buitenhuis

    I'd like to know HOW big oil could stop anyone from making cars with alternative engines.

  • admin

    Behind the scenes cash exchanges? Like bribes to alternative car company owners. Perhaps some obscure legislations? When you have the power and the determination, most of the things in a material realm are possible to accomplish.

    But yeah.. it's speculation, although I think not unfounded. The motive is clear..

    Meh you know what? Blah.. It's quickly tiring.

    Let's just hope the market pressures become too high for even them not to be able to suppress it. Even better, we can help make sure exactly that happens!

    I might start a very simple campaign with regards to that soon. Very simple, not time consuming yet it counts as "doing something" and might help the cause a bit.

    But I'm not making any promises.. yet.. or until it's actually done.

  • http://inatie.wordpress.com Taco Buitenhuis

    You might want to try to get help via worldchanging.com

  • admin

    Indeed, good idea. Thanks.

  • http://www.instructables.com/answers/Looking-for-some-cheap-material-to-build-solar-pan/ Shin Topolinski

    Fascinating post. I have been searching for some good resources for solar panels and found your blog. Going to bookmark this one!

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