Sensation White

If you believe there is no God that we know off how do you explain magic? For magic happens.

My explanation: it just happens or..

We create it. We create magic.

Technology of humans today, enhancing their abilities and overall power will appear godly to humans who lived hundreds or thousands years ago. And an event of all human emotion channelled through our magical technology into a show of sound and light that leaves even us beyond belief, will bring them on their niece.

Sensation White is an example of such an event. Witness the power of 2007/8 Humans in all its glory:

Sensation WhiteThe most amazing home videos are here
Sensation White 2007 TrailerThe most amazing home videos are here
Yet, all of this is, indeed, happening in a small hall of a pale blue dot. If so much magic can be found on a place so insignificant to the universe at large, imagine how much more can we find out there.We are so powerful to our past and current self, and we can use this power to destroy or to build. We can share our positive emotions as part of a fest that connects us all for a time into an inpenetrable network of shared sensation or we can direct our emotions into deadly hatred for our differences.The choice is yours. I know mine.

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  • Thomas Jollans

    A god ? I need no god, the answers gods and religion could provide me can be sufficiently answered with ideas from Enlightenment. Sapere aude !

    Magic ? What is magic ? In its classical sense, it's something inexplicable invoked by or against a god's rule and establishment. But — However, we are beyond that phase of irrationality, don't you think ? Or have you burnt any witches lately ? Modern-day magic, or what is most often called magic nowadays, is naught but an art, an art of illusion. People created it, people fail to understand it, people are impressed, people burn… no, actually, they don't. Anyway, back to your post: It appears to me that you are using "magic" for anything impressive around despite what you appear to be saying in the introduction.

    As I already said, *I* need no god. *I* can explain fireworks, light effects, loud sudden bangs out of black boxes, and blokes with top hats cutting women in half without harming them. But that's me, now. If you go back in time, no-one could have explained them without a handy concept like a god, or magic.

  • admin

    Hmm it seems to me like you're totally arguing for my point while trying to argue against it. :)

    Yes, the way I see magic is as anything that appears impressive enough to be called magical (or "supernatural") for which we have no obvious explanation. And I do believe all that we once knew as magic is sooner or later being done by technology and hence becomes explainable.

    Still, even though the mystery is essentially gone in terms that we can look up a schematic or a process which leads to it, the *impression* it makes often remains and this impression is what I still sometimes refer to as magic being done by humans. It is not really magic, but it would appear to be so to past humans.

    However, this is not all. There is some real magic being done there if we consider it to be the unexplainable yet incredibly impressive. But this time we know it isn't done by Gods or any other supernatural force. It is done by us, who still struggle to explain our own self sometimes. Those are the various complexities related to emotions.

    For example, have you ever felt somehow about something, but just couldn't find a way to explain it, to put it to words? You can theorize all you want about hormones working in your brain, electrical connections being made in some special ways and some other techno-sort-of-babble, but you can't really get right down to it. At the same time you can't find even plain words to explain the feeling.

    And that's what I also consider a bit magical, without considering it supernatural. So what do I consider magical about an event like Sensation White?

    Perhaps because a sensation involves many subtle feelings which can't be easily explained by neither science nor language (and we don't want an imagined explanation of religion). So you just leave it at that and call it magic that we humans were able to produce. If it feels good and positive, we will be making more of it. :)

    Really, when you assume there is no such thing as god or supernatural the words which used to describe these (words: "god" and "supernatural") are left to be redefined as something else. I merely occasionally redefine gods as us humans doing exceptional and to our previous self "godly" things and supernatural as merely natural: again: us and everything else in the universe.

    Cheers :)

  • admin

    Oh and one other quick thing. When you create an illusion of something that appears "magical" and you feel the impression it makes on you, despite knowing it is just an illusion the impression of it as "magical" will remain. And indeed, the illusion of unreal doesn't change the fact that what was presented to you was unreal/unexplainable/magic.

    It's like watching a scifi movie presenting you people who who can move from one galaxy to another in a matter of thought. You will be impressed by this even though you know it is not real. The impression is real and it is an impression of something that still remains in the realm of "magic". You felt the magic even though its carrier was an illusion. :) An illusion created by a human.

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