"There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come" - Victor Hugo

Memeverse represents a universe of ideas - whether good or bad, trivial or revolutionary. Ideas define who we are and who we are becoming. The right idea can make a difference between life and death, poverty and prosperity, slavery and freedom. To be fascinated with ideas is to be seduced by their promise: a different way of thinking, a different way of living and a changed world.

This site is a portal to my thoughts and personality as well as my services and projects collectively branded as "Memeverse Media". It contains my personal musings as well as the references to my latest works elsewhere. Feel free to explore, comment and get in touch.

Moving On

September 5th, 2013

At the beginning of this year I talked about a reboot of my projects this year, but it hasn’t quite materialized. However, something has been brewing for a while now, and I just lost my job, which left a vacuum to be filled, and presented a significant challenge. I’m looking for jobs, but I’m not counting only on that, and I’ve never completely given up on continuing the development of my online projects so they’re now becoming a much bigger part of my focus. As part of this DanielMemetic.com is becoming my personal homebase, presenting all of my projects, writings, services and skills in one place. Music is moving to a new alias, Aerial Tribe, and selected projects will be put under the larger Memetic World brand.

One of those projects is likely to be hosted under this very domain, Memeverse.com, and it will no longer serve as my personal blog. The blog will move to DanielMemetic.com, and this site will become… something else. Something potentially pretty exciting.

That’s all.

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Reboot in 2013

January 17th, 2013

I’ve said and done a lot of stuff over the last nine years, and a lot has changed since. This blog, along with my other top projects, stalled seemingly indefinitely. However, I am mulling over a reboot for this year. This will involve reviving this blog, cleaning up and either archiving or semi-regularly updating Libervis.com, Nuxified.org and DoublePlusHuman.com, and then putting full force behind my music at DanielMemetic.com. Main activities will be music production, DJ shows, and writing. Later projects may involve informational web sites and web services. It’s time for a come back.

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Philanthropy New Focus In Barry Kaye’s Life

July 24th, 2011

Throughout his adult life, Barry Kaye explored ways to make a difference in people’s lives. He began as a radio and television personality, then entered the life insurance field. After becoming a very successful life insurance agent Barry Kaye spent many years as a successful author and speaker. At each stage of his life he sought to help people better their lives. Now that he is retired, he spends his time giving back by pursuing and supporting philanthropic activities.

Personal Meaning Important to Barry Kaye When Supporting Charities

When Barry Kaye chooses a charity to support, he first considers organizations that are personally meaningful to him. Groups that provide financial support to those in need or those that work towards the betterment of mankind top the list. The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is one such organization. Barry Kaye and his wife, Carole, are ardent supporters of the organization and have hosted receptions in their Florida home.

Education is another field close to Barry Kaye’s heart. He has served on the board of Ben Gurion University in Israel and donated over $5 million to Florida Atlantic University, making him the third largest donor in the history of the university.

This is a guest post brought to you by Barry Kaye.

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No Loyalty

October 21st, 2010

A lot of time has passed since I last blogged here, and a lot has happened since, but this post is not about that, and it would probably be somewhat pointless trying to bring my readers up to speed considering that I barely even have readers at this point. This will change, but in the mean time I just want to put these thoughts out there.

If I’ve learned anything in life, including the past few years and months it is that the only thing or person one needs to be loyal to is the self. Whatever so called “loyalty” is exercised towards other persons it is only as a result of, not in contradiction to, loyalty to the self. If you are loyal to someone else without being loyal to yourself you are just depersonalizing yourself. Not only is this ultimately self-destructive, it is actually dishonest. If your loyalty to others doesn’t come from the core of what you are as a person then you’re just pretending.

An interesting thing about being loyal to nobody, but yourself is that it is a great way to motivate yourself to try and accomplish things. Say you have a job in which you have to do certain things you don’t quite like doing or aren’t particularly passionate about. If you keep thinking about the job as something you just have to do for someone else in order to earn a paycheck, it probably wouldn’t make you feel very good. You’re still essentially stuck being someone elses servant in exchange for survival.

But there’s a different way of looking at it. You could think of the job you do as something you do for yourself, not for your boss. Instead of thinking of your boss as an authority, you can think of him or her as someone you are using to get what you want. Suddenly the center of gravity is yourself, as it should be, because only you can be truly in control of your life. You can then go further with this and devise an entire plot, a life’s plan, for what you want to accomplish in life and how does that job help you do that. You are no longer a servant, but the master. You are no longer helpless, but powerful. You are no longer a passenger. You are in the driver’s seat.

There are other examples. Take for instance something called “brand loyalty” which often goes so far as to have people fight each other verbally over which brand is better (Mac vs. PC, PS3 vs. Xbox vs. Wii etc.). It shouldn’t be hard to step back a little and see just how stupid this is. Here you are wasting your time and energy promoting someone elses product, someone elses vision, doing someone elses bidding. If you had a brand of your own every other brand you associate yourself with, every tool is there in service of propping up your own brand.

No matter in which situation you find yourself in life, you are the boss. There are only two things in existence as far as you are concerned: you and the universe with everything in it that you care about. The universe is yours to mold with as much available power as you’ve got.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we should manipulate each other into submission, try to make each other servants. Everyone should be the boss, and if this sounds unsustainable, think about honesty again, because that’s all it comes back to. A person who is not the boss of his or her own life is in conflict with the self, and that’s dishonesty. It’s denying something that makes you who you are. If you are not right with yourself how will you be right with others? Your relationships will be based upon a fake or half image of who you are, not on who you really are.

Everyone being the boss doesn’t mean nobody ever doing anything for anyone, even for free. It just means that when you do something for someone you do it because you truly want to, because it serves your interests too, not because you think you have to. Conversely, when someone does something for you, you will likely feel a lot better if he or she did it because she really wanted to instead because she thinks she has to! See how this works!

So have no loyalty. Ditch servitude in absolutely all facets of your life. Dream up what you want to accomplish and go for it no matter what.

I know I’m trying to, there’s just no other way.

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Updates and Memeverse Media consolidation

December 9th, 2009

Time flies and it’s been a while of it since the last Memeverse update. Even though it may sometimes seem like it I almost never sit idle. And even if I’m sitting idle chances are my mind is racing… I think too much, but I don’t act as much on my thoughts – yet.

Notable things I did do since last time was the following:

  • Wrote 7 technologies that can help you weather the crisis on Libervis.com AKA “good uses of technology”. :)
  • Did Haiku OS Alpha 1 Screenshots on Nuxified.org
  • Wrote “Again, Linux is not an OS” and just this morning Linux for “DoublePlusHuman” (more on the context for that below) on Nuxified.org
  • Redid advertising.libervis.com, a site officially registered with 2CheckOut.com which is the retailer for my services online and made sure it passes their policy with flying colors (I checked it all with them to make sure I’m fully compliant). ;)
  • Sold VideoWorldSearch.com for 30 bucks
  • Restarted music production by making a draft of a new track and meeting with former co-producer to make a half of a new track for his new album.
  • Thought a lot about my approach to my work, that is, my purpose, what I want to be and how to arrange my projects.

I’m still in a pretty bad financial shape though, just barely covering the costs. I guess I’m not much of a business person yet (too much thinking, too little acting like I said), but I’m getting there and I’m far from giving up. In fact the shiniest things are yet to come and this is what I wanna dedicate the rest of my post.

I was for a long while on and off pretty obsessed with just getting things right with regards to my attitude towards work, life and success. Even after being fairly confident I properly answered the question “what I love to do” over this year alone I’ve revisited it again at least twice always coming roughly to the same answer, but perhaps expressed a little differently. Lately I went and rounded it all up with other tough questions like “what my purpose is” and “what I want to be” after reading excellent stuff from Jonathan Mead and this little book called Curly’s Law. Part of the reason why I revisited those questions is the big issue I have with typical advice on focus as means to success. Somehow “do one thing” never ever could sit well with me, at least if it means what it seems to mean on its face.

I couldn’t drop my other projects. I tried for a while to make DoublePlusHuman.com my “One Thing” and focus primarily if not ONLY on it and while it is most resonant with what I want to accomplish I feel technology in general and Linux specifically and even music are too big parts of my interests, of who I am, to just let go. Focusing on “One Thing” among them felt like peeling away a part of myself. How can I succeed the right way if I have to cut out a part of myself to do it? Something’s fishy about that. Besides, I wrote myself: “If it doesn’t feel natural don’t force it” and I believe that.

Jonathan Mead seems to agree with that kind of philosophy. A lot of what he writes resonates quite deeply with the way I think. His slogan is “live on your own terms”. Imagine that. He wrote an article which was of special interest to me: ADD Is Your Friend or Why Distractions Are The Key To Your Success. Albeit he doesn’t necessarily depart from the “focus on one thing” advice he does very much acknowledge the need to be a little distracted and allow yourself to pursue other things. Then in the comments came a guy who linked to Curly’s Law, a little book I mentioned before, which lays out an idea which in some form I’ve already reached in my thinking, but really needed someone else to confirm as something that makes sense.

The idea is that “One Thing” doesn’t have to mean “One Project” or “One Activity”. What IS the “thing”? It could merely be one thing that is in common to everything you’re interested in and everything you love to do. Find that one commonality and even when you do multiple things (projects, activities), you’ll still be focusing on one thing plus you’ll know how to predict when a particular project or activity wont fulfill you too long. If it doesn’t have that “thing” (thang?) of yours.. it probably wont last. And I was already at a point where all the right puzzles were with me.. when this confirmation came I think it pretty much clicked or is starting to click. I know my one thing.

My one thing is what I already made up a word for: DoublePlusHuman. I can literally speak for hours about what we should be and since the human world is built of human individuals what the world should be as a result. I ultimately managed to define DoublePlusHuman as an individual who is free of all self-contradiction, coercion and superstition. Promotion of, becoming of and building a world of DoublePlusHuman is what my purpose in life is and this is merely an upgrade of everything I ever thought my purpose was before (like being a socially aware entrepreneur). What I want to become is a successful, personally powerful entrepreneur that can influence individuals and thus the world towards that, DoublePlusHuman vision.

Interestingly, Libervis.com and Nuxified.org, my other main projects (and in relation to Nuxified even the possibly upcoming LinuxNN.com) all fit this vision because technology fits it. Since DoublePlusHuman is about getting rid of self-contradiction it is about getting rid of self-sacrifice (what people commonly call a sacrifice isn’t always a sacrifice if you did it of your own values) and so called “selflessness”. Instead a DoublePlusHuman will without guilt admit to his or her nature as a being that wishes to flourish and grow, to achieve his or her dreams no matter how wild. Technology is just something we create in pursuit of many of such dreams. It is the extension of who we are and a direct effect of our continued evolution.

DoublePlusHumans without technology aren’t DoublePlusHumans. Luddites might disagree with me, but maybe not once they understand how exactly I view technology. People who fear technology are people who’ve been burned by its negative uses. I promote positive uses as the outcome of being DoublePlusHuman – uses of technology which are not self-contradictory, but self-fulfilling, not coercive upon yourself and others, but empowering of yourself and others and not in pursuit of superstition based causes (like flying airplanes, a great example of technology, against people of a different religion). Luddites, fear not technology. Fear the human beings who suffer from a severe infection of bad memes that put them at war with themselves and others.

This purpose is the ultimate purpose of nearly everything I do online or everything I do period. And these activities and projects is what I branded as “Memeverse Media”. It’s good to put a name on it because it’s like putting a dot at the end of a sentence, a variable that refers to something real and meaningful. I am me and Memeverse Media is what I do. What exactly is it?

It’s a conglomeration of projects and activities meant to promote the memes of DoublePlusHumans through writing, multimedia production and everything that underpins and feeds such efforts. I will be writing about it. I’ll make music and videos in the name of these ideas. I will be creating financially profitable projects to pay for its expansion. I eventually want to get to the point where Memeverse Media will spawn whole drama and science fiction movies that inspire people to think in this way and share this vision and its pursuit with me.

The ultimate outcome I hope for is that it will become big enough to not only serve as a way of promoting these ideas and such a vision of the world, but in practical terms build it. This is partly why I’ve already registered SpaceStead.com which will be in the relatively near future home a blog and a community about spacesteading, a natural future outcome of seasteading. Just in case we cannot free this world from self-defeating attitudes, we will plan to venture into space, build our homes there.

I want to be a part of such a project one day.

But back to the present.. the next thing up is further consolidation of Memeverse Media. I need to finish the upgrade and redesign of Nuxified.org (which was blocked by a severe technical issue I couldn’t resolve yet) so that it can be brought to the fold in new light, with a new slogan and a revitalized focus. These three projects will be the focal point, but I will also be trying to produce additional material, such as an ebook and eventually a membership site that I will charge for which are likely to be a part of DoublePlusHuman.com. I will also be making music and then music videos that promote the DoublePlusHuman vision, specific sites and Memeverse Media. I might also start writing science fiction which might provide the basis for future movies.

I will also be engaged part of the time in what I call “site flipping”, that is, letting myself experiment with various interesting project ideas and see if I can make them either financially or memetically complement the Memeverse Media purpose and otherwise “flip them” (sell them to a better owner) which can generate a little bit of extra cashflow while essentially serving as a Research & Development portion of my activities.

All in all, I want to inspire you, motivate you, make you shake with excitement of possibilities that exist for the future if we should only adopt the right memeverse in our minds.

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New articles on Libervis.com and DoublePlusHuman.com

November 17th, 2009

Yesterday I finished writing a follow up to my last article against “intellectual property” (“Intellectual Property” a Violation of Real Property) in an attempt to clarify some things and answer some objections brought about in discussions of the last article. You can read it here: Implications of rejecting “intellectual property”.

This time I have not submit it to LXer.com where most of the objections originated. I do not wish to participate on that site anymore because of what I believe is the intellectually smothering culture that tends to develop there partly as a result of intellectual dishonesty of certain incumbents and partly due to a flawed and problematic “terms of use” policy which bans political and religious discussion in a one-liner failing to clearly define the boundaries of what they are. Thus some people use this condition in terms of service whenever they cannot properly address the arguments that don’t go in their favor. They arbitrarily make their own definition of “political discussion” (even when it contradicts to what they themselves express elsewhere) and claim a “TOS violation” that would have the discussion locked or deleted.

This is BS and I will not stand for it. In fact, this sort of thing may just well see the rise of a competing service.

I’ve written two other articles on unrelated topics on my new site, DoublePlusHuman.com:

* Justice is not about vengeance, punishment or obedience and

* Your children ARE DoublePlusHuman

I was less analytical in them than I usually am, but then again being too analytical can sometimes be a pretty dry and long read. So I think it might be a good idea to sometimes just let out some opinions and some basic argumentation behind them in between the more analytical pieces.

When writing the last one about children, I became fairly emotional by the end. This is the sort of thing which really strikes the note in two ways at the same time, personal and in general pertaining to the state of the world as it is. I really think a lot rests in how we treat our children and what kinds of personal relationships, especially in family, do we foster.

That’s that for this update.

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About the controversial Modern Warfare 2 “No Russian” scene

November 13th, 2009

This morning I checked out an interesting thread on Freedomain Radio forums and followed a link to video showing “Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 Terrorist mission” (NSFW, pretty stomach turning material). I was shocked. It was enough to inspire some thinking and searching for more info about the scene and as it turned out it was already causing quite a bit of controversy.

Since the topic seems fitting for the purpose of Libervis.com I thought it would be a good idea to turn some of these thoughts into an article. Here is it: “Modern Warfare 2 jolts the player awake with a question: what kind of a world is this?”

It’s basically a commentary on the “No Russian” scene from the newly released “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″ and some speculative exploration of implications of this kind of entertainment with regards to our culture.

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